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It is common to see people pouring buckets of water from balconies on unsuspecting people walking below them. The Vardavar festival is a fun day Some guys in their cars pass by and bombard people with water, kids have a field day and drench each other with water, fire trucks run in town and of course they don’t miss the opportunity to spray the whole city with water… As I said earlier, the whole country is a playground that day! In the Armenian Church, the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated 98 days following Easter. The Feast also is known by the common name of “Vardavar”. This day is Vardavar, reborn with Christian faith, is one of Armenian national-religious holidays which has its deep roots in pagan era. It is celebrated on the 14th Sunday after Easter celebration during the period from 28 June to 1 October. In the pagan era this holiday was associated with Goddess of love named Astghik.

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2005-07-03 · Today was Vardavar, perhaps the most loved of all Armenia's festivals. For children, in particular, it's the one day in the year when they can throw water over each other and drench strangers foolish enough to take to the streets. All without fear of discipline from their parents and today was no exception. During the day of Vardavar, people from a wide array of ages are allowed to douse strangers with water. It is common to see people pouring buckets of water from balconies on unsuspecting people walking below them.

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Vardavar is a great vacation tour opportunity, visiting villages of Armenia, meeting people, participating in traditional music and dance party and sharing the joy. Festivity days are changing each year calculated 98 days after Easter, always on Sundays. 16.

Rockford Folkets Nyheter Archives, Dec 19, 1913, p. 4

Vardavar day

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Vardavar day

Like Day Date; Vardavar 2021 in Armenia: Sunday: July 11, 2021: Vardavar 2022 in Armenia: Sunday: July 24, 2022: Vardavar 2023 in Armenia: Sunday: July 16, 2023: Vardavar 2024 in Armenia: Sunday: July 7, 2024: Vardavar 2025 in Armenia: Sunday: July 27, 2025 The Vardavar festival takes place on a hot summer day, and things kick off early in the morning and continue until around 5pm, when the weather starts to cool down. Where to stay . Though Armenia is small, it’s not hard to find a great place to stay. 2018-08-07 And finally, one of the most beloved holidays in Armenia- Vardavar. As with many other religious holidays, Vardavar has its origins from pagan times, originally dedicated to the goddess of love, Astghik. Now, it is celebrated on the day of Christ’s Transfiguration, 14 weeks after Easter.
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2019-07-28 · Vardavar is celebrated 98 days, or 14 weeks, after Easter. The etymology of the word “Vardavar” stems from “vard” meaning “rose” in Armenian.

2019 — för offren för folkmord i Armenien; 1 maj - International Workers Day I juli firas semestern Vardavar (Vard är den hedniska gudens vatten)  other years.
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First off, Vardavar is a day is a traditional celebration where people splash water at each other as a blessing. Lucky for me, I happened to be in the city on Vardavar day and intially assumed there would be light splashing of water.

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#Älvsborgsbron Instagram posts -

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